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Childcare advice: How to choose the right summer camp for your child in Katy, Texas

Posted on 05-26-2014 | Ronnie & Connie Hutson

childcare_katy_txSummer camps are now open for registration and that equals a multitude of choices for your child and how they will spend their time away from home.  As a parent, here are some valuable tips for choosing a summer holiday experience that your child will love.

1. Is your child ready for summer camp?

Many camps are available to children of preschool age and older.  If this is your child's first time at camp, sleepaway camps can be a little scary. We offer a daily summer camp that is conveniently located at our Learning Academy, and great for both children and their parents. This gives your child a camp experience in a familiar environment, filled with friendly faces and no homesickness! A weekend family excursion to Dinosaur Valley State Park and indulging in some fun camping activities will help your child get excited about summer camp, if they are a little anxious.

2. What is the camp theme?

Many camps have a specific theme which is carried through each camp activity. Such unique themes as football, chess, or technology camps are popular.  More traditional themes include a combination of physical activities and arts and crafts while also making new friends. Most children enjoy a traditional camp experience that offers a wider range of activities, which will help introduce your child to new interests. With a broad variety of rotating activities, there is certainly no time for boredom!

3. What do you want your child to get out of the summer camp experience?

Some summer camps focus on letting your child have fun, while others offer a more educational approach that encourages them to develop new skills and talents outside of the classroom or home. These camps assist your child to develop both social and motor skills, while teamwork and leadership abilities allow them to grow and succeed in life. The ideal combination is a camp that combines learning and fun in a way that allows the children to experience the excitement and joy of summer camp activities while continuing to develop their minds.

4. Who is running the summer camp?

When choosing a summer camp, a great reputation and plenty of experience is the key. It is essential that your child is safe and fully supervised while they are away from home. Inquiring with camp organizers about their activities and the staff-to-child ratio is important. If your child has any health issues that need to be managed by staff, it is essential to ask if they have the capabilities and trained personnel to keep your child both healthy and happy.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Katy, Texas we offer a leading, exceptional quality daily summer camp for preschoolers through 12 years of age. Our 2014 theme encompasses exploring nature, learning about different ecosystems and getting active, all while also building incredible memories!

You can download our registration packet here, or for more information, please contact us today  since space is limited.

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