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Katy TX Day care: Your child’s early weeks of brain development

Posted on 01-23-2015


A typical daycare environment does not compare to the child care, healthy brain development and excellent early education your child will experience, at our specialized Learning Academy. Allow us to demonstrate how our services exceed that of ordinary daycare, as we share invaluable insight into your child’s early weeks of brain development.

Learning about the world

Learning about the environment is the sensorimotor stage of a child’s brain development. Your child will begin to interact with the world through touch, smell and even taste. You will observe your child utilizing the mouth, as an advanced tactile tool, to feel objects and understand shape, density and tangible differentiation. Allow your child to experience a variety of materials, shapes and colors to encourage learning about the world, as early as possible.

Learning about the self

Once your child is mobile you can joyfully begin to observe how the child will be able to interact with the world, in a variety of ways. You can expect many new experiences for both you and your child. The child will experience and exhibit knowledge about the environment, and how he or she fits in, and is a part of it. Encourage your child to explore and interact with everything at a young age. Providing a safe environment, like public parks or open fields, your child will learn as much as possible at a comfortable pace.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Katy, Texas, will provide your child with everything he or she needs to truly succeed in life. Our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum offers an opportunity for exceptional brain development. You can rest assured that every aspect of your child’s day care and development will be catered to. Contact us today to find out more about our unmatched preschool and child care services.

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